Keimya’s Boudoir Experience

When I asked Keimya to tell us about her boudoir experience with All Things Boudoir, she quickly responded with a “YES!”.  When I first read this, it brought me to tears.  Keimya’s transformation has been one of the most memorable ones.  Here is her story, written by Keimya herself.

My boudoir experience was about finding a way to love me again…



” The last time I had my makeup done was for my wedding day.  I guess it’s ironic that I had it done for my shoot to celebrate my divorce.  The term full circle comes to mind.

My divorce was tough and adding to that that I was turning 45 this year it was almost too much.  I wanted to climb under a rock and stay there.  Eventually, I realized that, at some point, I would have to re-emerge and face the world.  

Around this same time, my friend showed me her boudoir photos, taken by All Things Boudoir. They were beautifully displayed throughout her bedroom and private bathroom and I didn’t recognize her!  She looked like a model and not a soccer mom. I thought to myself, I’ve always been good at taking my own selfies… but what would I look like being made up like a Princess and allowing someone to capture that beauty?  I thought what better way to face the world again than with an amazing, sexy boudoir experience that really allowed me to embrace me.


Even planning for this photoshoot was the ultimate in self-care. I hadn’t taken the time to pamper myself like that for a long time and I realized that I deserved it. 

It was the first photo shoot I had ever had.  Initially, I was very nervous.  I’m African American and I worried that my photographer wouldn’t have the right lighting for me or know how to accentuate my best features.  Immediately upon meeting her, Emily was able to assure me that her experience would reflect through her work.  Once she showed me the first few pictures from the back of her camera, my nerves were eased.

The actual photo shoot was an empowering experience. My photographer never failed at telling me how beautiful I was.

She made me feel like I was a natural at posing.  Best of all, she would allow me to make suggestions and she would find a way to perfect the look I was going for.  I have to say her energy was inspiring and she made the experience absolutely amazing.  After seeing my edited gallery I couldn’t believe that was me! My skin looked flawless. I was Gorgeous!!!!!

Keimya All Things Boudoir 2

With this shoot, I was able to find a way to love ME again and I can’t thank All Things Boudoir enough for having a hand in that. 

I have already been singing the praises of All Things Boudoir and telling my friends what this shoot meant to me.  I reassure them that All Things Boudoir photographers are all female and are professionally trained to capture your best features and build up your confidence to be totally relaxed and comfortable.  Many of them are considering booking their own sessions now.

My shoot and my experience have made a lasting impact on my self-confidence and I’m over the moon happy.  From beginning to end it was truly a celebration of life. “







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