ATB started in Denver, CO with just one photographer, Tamara. Seeing the need for women to receive the gift of confidence that a great boudoir session can give Tamara decided to spread the love. She began traveling to a new city every weekend photographing as many women as she could. Quickly realizing she needed help, she recruited a team of talented female photographers. Now, over a decade later we serve different communities all over the country.

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We travel all over to offer life-changing boudoir sessions at an affordable cost. Our small tight-knit team has grown to around 35 female photographers, and every weekend we help women across the nation unleash and capture their strong and sexy sides. 

ATB Photographers get to mix their love of travel and their love of photography into one. We travel to each of our locations every 4-8 weeks, based on demand. 

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We are an all-female boudoir photographer team dedicated to giving every woman an experience they'll never forget. To us, boudoir photography Is much more than having pictures taken for someone special, it's more emotional, more personal. as women, we play many roles in life and boudoir photography is a way to set all those roles aside and embrace who we are as women. Fun, sexy, quirky, cute, or saucy – At all Things Boudoir, you can let all aspects of your personality shine. 

All Things Boudoir embraces and accepts all genders. We celebrate the fact that everyone is different and gender is very fluid. Our group of photographers are trained experts in shooting what could be described as a ‘feminine look’. The images you see displayed on our website are typical of our shooting style. We have chosen to specialize in this one style instead of trying to be experts in every style and we feel this makes us great at what we do. If you are a person who identifies as a female and want to receive photos that exemplify a feminine energy, we are the right company for you. If you are looking for a different kind of energy or style, please reach out to us with your questions. We would be happy to refer you to someone who has a different style if ours is not quite right for you.

It's perfectly natural to feel nervous before your shoot; we all have things that we don't have 100% love about ourselves. Let your photographer know what those issues are and then let go of them. Trust that She will make you look amazing. Our photographers have shot women of all shapes and sizes and know how to  bring out your best. So if you're waiting to lose ten pounds or you worry that you're not photogenic enough, just give it a try. We promise you'll love your photos, and in turn, yourself.

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