10 Props for Boudoir Photography Inspiration

10 Props for Boudoir Photography Inspiration

You’ve booked your session… the next question is what kind of accessories or props can I bring to make my boudoir photography session memorable just for me?  That is the million-dollar question! And completely up to you. We can’t tell you how many posts we have seen in our Self-Love Collective calling for suggestions on what to wear to a session, how to do certain makeup looks, and what stretches to do beforehand (yes, really!).  But one of the favorite topics in the group is how to incorporate props into your photos.  So we thought we’d share a few creative ideas with you!

The first step is to remember this shoot is to showcase YOU.  Your personality. Your passions. Your authentic self! If there is something that is a part of you then we encourage you to bring it.  

Our goal is to make your photographs as unique as you are. Using props in boudoir photographs is a great way to spice up your session and add some visual variety.   

Here are 10 ideas of props that some of our clients have brought with them to personalize their boudoir sessions.  We want your pics POP, these might help!

1. Something that belongs to, or reminds you of, your significant other

2. Something that shows your hobby or current obsession

3. Something that genuinely makes you happy!

4. Books!  If you’re an avid reader, this is for you.  Maybe it’s your favorite book or a shelf’s worth of your favorite books… if you love reading, this might be for you!

Or maybe just your absolute favorite book?

5. Your everyday “uniform” like one with a cowboy hat and boots, but make it sexy.

6. Bring your instrument.  If your instrument is like an extension of you then why not get a photograph together?  This also helps if you are experiencing nerves as it may comfort you.

7. Flowers always add a little extra something and give an ethereal feel to the photographs.  The added texture is a nice surprise for the eye.

8. Your art supplies/artwork.

We love this idea!  Be proud of your art piece and show it off like no one has ever done before!

9. A memento from your wedding.

Whether you are gifting the photos as a day of gift or an anniversary one… we guarantee you, your partner will never look back on the wedding the same way again!

10. A Pop of Color!  When in doubt, bring some color.  It might feel weird or out of character, but color adds a layer of fun to a photograph.

Whether you bring props or not, it is completely up to you.  They are, by no means, a requirement.  Our focus is on you, we love to see your personality, if you want to bring something that is uniquely your personality… do it!!  With or without the props, we look forward to photographing you and giving you the most amazing boudoir experience.

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