Trust Your Artist: The Art of Location Transformation

We vet the locations for our All Things Boudoir sessions using a multitude of criteria.  However, since we are a traveling photography company who uses Air b-n-bs as our shooting locations most of the time… some locations may leave a bit to be desired in terms of backdrops for our photographs.  Have no fear!!  This is where your photographer comes in.  She is an artist whose eye is trained to seek out beauty.  She is trained in the art of location transformation.  Once you let go and hand it over to your photographer, you will be so much more at ease.  After all, your shooting location may be a bit on the bland side, but YOU aren’t.  And your photographer’s goal is to give you your dream shots.

The location does not determine the feel of the photographs, the photographer does.  In our many years of boudoir photography we have seen some amazing transformations.  For this post, we challenged our photographers to show us some before and afters of a location and the resulting photograph after the client is added.  If you want a bit of reassurance that our photographers have got it under control, from setting up the shot to lighting it and posing the client take a look at these…  We call it from bland to BAM!



Cute Plants

What Plants??

Nice Room





Sweet set up

Sexy sweetheart!

Do you love before and afters as much as we do?  Which transformation was your favorite?

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