Top 5 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Shoot NOW


At All Things Boudoir we may be a little biased, but we believe every woman deserves her time to shine in front of the camera with a boudoir session.  Have you ever thought about booking one?  We believe every woman needs to experience boudoir at least once in her life! Here are our top 5 reasons that every woman needs to book a boudoir shoot now!

It’s Empowering

Locking down a session time is just the beginning.  Trust us!  You will feel on top of the world when you get in front of one of our rockstars female photographers who make the BEST hype girls!!  Their mission is to make you look and feel amazing and listen, you’ll never see your butt look so good!

It’s a Once in a Lifetime Experience

We believe every woman is beautiful and every woman’s body deserves to be appreciated and photographed.  But when we ask our clients why they booked now, we often get responses like “I had to do this while my boobs are still perky” or “I didn’t want to wait until my ta-tas were down to my knees” and “because I should have done it at 25, but don’t want to let another decade pass by”.  There really is no time like the present to take the opportunity to show your body some love.  Scars, stretch marks, wrinkles… they don’t matter!  They are what makes you YOU and they are amazing.

It’s on your Bucket list

Boudoir Photography emerged in the 1920’s so believe it or not even your grandma knows about it!  For many of our clients this is a bucket list item.  Some people want to visit the Grand Canyon and some want to have beautiful photographs taken of them in their unmentionables.  We are not here to judge, in fact, we love it!  This is your chance to step outside of your comfort zone and have fun with it.  You can give the photos to your significant other or keep them all for yourself.  We won’t tell, but we will help you cross boudoir session off of your Life’s Bucket List!

It’s Freeing 

How often are you worried about what others may think?  How many nights do you lay in bed fretting over a small decision? You worry about what your parents say, your friends, your co-workers etc, but here’s the thing, their opinions don’t matter!  You are the one that matters.  Booking your session is the first step to throwing caution to the wind!  It is a decision based solely on your wants and desires and why shouldn’t it be?  There is no time like the present to embrace the body you have right now instead of waiting for the right moment.  Now is all about you and NOW is the perfect moment.  Who cares what others may think?

It’s the Ultimate in Self Care

When is the last time you had a photograph taken of yourself?  Just you?  If you’re like most women you might say your wedding day, maybe maternity pictures, but for some women the answer might be not since high school!  Oh boy!  Often times women are the ones to capture the moments behind the camera and forget to get in front and commemorate her participation in the events of life. A boudoir session is a fun way to put yourself front and center.  It’s the ultimate in self care because it is all about you. And it is your opportunity to see yourself the way those who love you see you.

Be proud of your body and book your session today.  If you’re still on the fence, check out this blog post with words of wisdom from our photographers that might help you make the decision and book a boudoir shoot.  Good luck and we look forward to helping you with your close up.


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