15 Things Your Boudoir Photographer Wants You to Know!


Are you on the fence about booking your session with All Things Boudoir?  What is holding you back?

  I asked our photographers what they would say to anyone apprehensive or nervous about booking the boudoir experience.  I wanted to hear the real real and this is what they said…

Honestly, these are great words of advice for life! 

Don’t overthink it 

Simple is better.  We don’t expect you to know poses or have ideas, but if you do we will do our best to bring them to life. STRETCH and hydrate before, and after your session.

Shop your closet!

You likely have great options in your closet already!  It doesn’t have to be all- new lingerie, T-shirt, button up, jerseys, sweaters, PJs all make great outfits too

You are perfect, just the way you are.

You don’t have to lose weight before your shoot.  Let me repeat that one more time, you absolutely do not need to lose weight before your boudoir shoot.

Make it personal

The more personal you can make your props and outfits the better! It’s so much fun for both of us.

Your photographer will coach you

You don’t have to do this for anyone but YOU!  You don’t have to be a naturally ‘sexy’ person. Your  photographer will coach you through everything!! 

Make minimal changes during your session

Keeping your look the same is a good idea. Changing your complete makeup and hair with each outfit takes up your time in front of the camera. Changing your lips with each outfit is a fun and fast way to change your look. 75 mins flies!  We want to shoot you and your inner beauty and we need time! 

Have fun!

Have fun with it! Don’t be too hard on yourself! 

We don’t expect you to be a model

You do not need to know how to be a model! We will pose you finger to toe.  Don’t wait until you’re confident enough to do it. Do it to become more confident. 

Smiling is sexy!

We want you to laugh and enjoy yourself. Serious, sexy photos are awesome but so are the ones that show off how beautiful you are when you’re smiling and having fun! 

You are beautiful right now.

Honor your body where it is and show yourself how beautiful you are!

Nerves are normal

Everyone is nervous, it’s not just you.

We are the experts 

We will walk you through every step of the shoot and you will be modeling like Naomi Campbell in no time.

We aren’t judging you 

Our job is to master posing, light, and emotion. 

Just get there

I tell all of my clients that the hardest part is getting there!  I then tell them that I’m going to “boss you around for the next hour and a half.” LOL But if there is anything specific that they want to do, they can 100% let me know.

We want to see your personality!

We love your props! Bring on the whip and handcuffs.

When it comes down to it, our photographers are focusing on creating the best experience for you!  Your comfort level is paramount because once you are comfortable then THAT is when we get the best photographs. Also, please know that the privacy of your images is of paramount importance to us.  We will never post your images without your permission.  



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