Should You Wear Glasses For Your Boudoir Photography Session?

Should you wear glasses for your boudoir photography session?

You’ve contemplated what to wear, how to do your hair, what shoes to bring, and how to pose for your boudoir photography session.

You’ve scoured the internet for lingerie and props. You’ve taken the time to do your nails, trim your hair, and pick out some kickass lipstick choices. You know the look you are going for in your pictures – something from subtle, to sultry, and everything in between.

Now the date is here and you have that one last gnawing decision to make as you ask yourself, “Should I wear my glasses?”


If you are a member of our VIP Facebook group (if not, join HERE) you will know that this is one of our most popular questions. 

It’s the great glasses debate. 

Please keep in mind that you are going to look amazing either way!  But, we also recognize this can be a stressful decision so here are three things to keep in mind when choosing whether to wear your glasses or leave them off for your boudoir photography session.

If you cannot see without them, then for the love of all that is holy, LEAVE THEM ON! 

You will be moving from area to area and walking in shoes you may not be familiar with, for your own safety leave those bad boys on!  In many cases, you will have to focus on your photographer for your upcoming pose.  

 Think about the amount of time that you wear your glasses everyday. 

If it is over 75% of your day, we suggest you leave them on.  Like it or not, they are a part of you and the most important thing we want you to remember in this whole process… is that YOU are beautiful.  We want you to feel like yourself and recognize yourself in your photographs.

Take your props into account!! 

If you are bringing several options for props then you may want to leave the glasses off.  We don’t want to split the focus too much.  Listen, A LOT of people find glasses a huge turn on and, as such, are enough of a prop in the photographs.  Think sexy librarian and hot teacher!  Now say you also have a boa in the mix too.  We may have too many factors competing (not only) in the final photos, but also for you during the shoot.  The last thing we want is to stress you out!  One trick… if you have to wear your glasses, but also want to use props, wear glasses with lighter or thinner frames..  Problem solved. 

Think about the receiver of the photographs. 

If it is a gift for your partner ask yourself if you would normally wear your glasses when you are initiating an intimate moment with them.  Would you keep your glasses on or off for that seduction moment?  Let that answer help you decide.

If you are still unsure then we suggest keeping your glasses on for half and off for half.  Even if you can’t see, it’s ok.  You can leave them on to move into the next pose and take them off as needed.  

Boudoir gives you a chance to step outside yourself and start a different conversation in your head. Every time you look at your images you’ll be able to remind yourself that you are stunning and so very worthy (glasses or not!).  

Stay sexy my friends




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