Boudoir Experience – Meet Melissa

When Melissa decided to book a boudoir experience with All Things Boudoir, she was at her lowest of lows.  Her marriage was ending and she had filed for divorce.  She felt horrible about herself and how she looked. She made a decision to change her life.  After scheduling her photoshoot she went into a weight loss program.  This shoot was for her to see herself in a new light.

The photoshoot with ATB came at the perfect time for Melissa. She had just completed the losing phase of her weight loss plan and she was starting to feel reinvigorated about herself and her body. Her divorce was about to be finalized and she was ready to celebrate!  At All Things Boudoir, we LOVE a good celebration so we pumped up the music and danced it out to ease her nerves!  In the end, we had SO much fun!  Melissa was super gorgeous and a really amazing model. 

Melissa Boudoir Experience Melissa 5Melissa 1

Melissa was an absolute joy to work with throughout her boudoir experience.  We love being a small part of a woman’s transformation and empowerment.  She said she wanted to love herself again and that the photo shoot helped her do just that.  This photoshoot reminded her that she is worth it.

Melissa Boudoir Experience 2Melissa Boudoir Experience 2Melissa Boudoir Experience 3

She was so happy with her gallery that she ended up purchasing one of our larger packages.  When I see that I know that in addition to loving her pictures, the client loved the way we made her feel during their session.  And that, for us, is the most important part of what we do. 


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