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everything you need to know to 

welcome to the client hub

Slay your boudoir shoot

planning your boudoir shoot

step by step, here's what to expect


Join our Self-Love Collective to read about other's experiences and to get inspiration for your shoot.

Begin exploring Pinterest boards and thinking about how you want your experience to go. 


Buy your session, pick your date and time, and start to plan your session. We recommend you book your session two months out from when you need your album or other products in hand.

Plan your 3-4 outfits plus accessories. Be sure to try everything on to make sure it fits. Get your nails done, explore hair and makeup options. Pamper yourself!

On the Calendar

Let's hang out!


The big day is an exciting day! Hopefully you've planned to pamper and celebrate yourself before your shoot. We often schedule back to back appointments so be sure and arrive on time with your outfits chosen and organized. Your female photographer will meet you and guide you through posing. Together, you'll capture your best angles.

The big day!


Your edited photos will be ready to view in 6 days. During your reveal and purchasing session, you will be able to view all of your images and choose how you want to remember them. 

Because boudoir is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we have flexible payment plans to make it easy to say yes to the products you really want.

Reveal & Selection

The day of your shoot, you're going to want to dress in the loosest clothing possible. Bras, tight pants, socks, etc. all leave those pesky little indentations in your skin- and those take awhile to leave, so it's best to skip them.

What to wear to

your shoot 


What to wear:

-Loose dress or loose pants with a loose top and no bra

-Soft, comfy shoes that won't leave marks on your feet or ankles (think UGGs, slippers or flip flops)

If you're feeling nervous, don't worry. Anxiety is totally normal. Take a deep breath (or ten) and remind yourself that this is going to be an amazing experience. Give yourself permission to enjoy this experience, rather than live in the fear of it. 

It is undeniably scary to do something new, to put yourself out there and be vulnerable. The thing is, the absolute BEST things in life happen outside of our comfort zones. 

Wardrobe options

The single most important thing for you to keep in mind is to stay true to yourself when you're picking your wardrobe options. We want this shoot to be a celebration of who you are, whatever that looks like for you and you alone! 

Are you super fancy or more on the casual side? Frilly and feminine or edgier? there is no right or wrong here and we want you to see yourself in your beautiful images

Lingerie Styles

Lingerie comes in about 9874 million different forms. Who knew?
Let's go over a few of our favorite options to clear things up.

If you've got a bangin' bum and you want to showcase your booty, a thong is a great way to do that. We always prefer more coverage rather than g-strings, which can get caught up and lost. 

let's talk panties!

let your booty take centerstage!

High waisted panties are so flattering on all body types, but especially those of us who have some insecurities around showcasing the tum. (Let us be clear, we think all tums are fabulous but respect that not everyone is ready to embrace theirs.)

let's talk panties!

let your booty take centerstage!

Another thumbs up goes to this style. Cheeky panties are made to embrace the bum cheeks and they do that fabulously!

let's talk panties!

let your booty take centerstage!

Bras & panties 

When shopping for bras, fit is the absolute most important part. Head to your local bra shop and have a specialist properly size you. If you can, grab a matching set or two, but you can absolutely mix and match here too!

Something classic: A great black bra goes with so many different things for your shoot! Aim for a classic neutral color.

Something fun: Texture (lace, strappy bits, embroidery, velvet, etc.) really adds a special element to photographs.

Don't forget the bra's awesome little sisters – bralettes. These babies are comfy and move with your body during posing in ways formed bras don't.

We suggest you choose at least two bras:

pro tip:

Get fitted by a bra specialist. Over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. A proper fit bra makes a huge difference in appearance!


Bodysuits are our jaaaaam! These babies are so gorgeous on all body types, and they come in so many fabulous options. While some gals are hesitant to try a bodysuit (fitted is scary, we get it!), we really hope you will!  

Why are they so flattering? They skim your body, rather than adding bulk like some other options can (ahem, baby dolls). Look for details like trim or piping that creates the illusion of an hour glass figure.

Over pieces

Add a little extra texture or coverage with something fun to throw over lingerie or your gorgeous, naked self. 



What to avoid:

Sweater, button up shirt, robe (NOT your cozy housecoat, something cute), kimono, faux fur or leather coat . . . 

Complimentary colors to your under bits, texture, timeless patterns, sheer material if possible

Too tight pieces, heavily worn or washed items (no pilly sweaters please)




young & fun

racy + curvy


quality + plus


Trendy + fierce

High end & Unique

Lovely curves

Racy + Trendy

classic plus



frequently asked questions

When should I schedule? 

We recommend scheduling your photoshoot at least 2 months before the date you'll need your album or other gifts in hand.

Will the Photoshoot Be private?

Yes, your photoshoot is completely private – your comfort is our priority. 

What should I bring? 

You will have time to shoot in 3-4 outfits. The most popular outfits are bodysuits, bra and panty sets, and corsets. However, consider personalizing the shoot for your partner with a jersey or a uniform or a button down.

Will my photographer be female?

Yes! We pride ourselves on being an all-female company. Every single person who works for All Things Boudoir – from our photographers to our editors to our managers – is female.

Do you photograph men or couples? 

We do not. We focus completely on women and we feel that other photographers will be a better fit for couples.

Are men allowed at the shoot?

Sorry, no. They are welcome to help you carry your items in and to meet the photographer before the shoot. Because we are all-female, it is most comfortable when men wait at a nearby coffee shop or restaurant. 

How long will the photoshoot last? 

Each boudoir shoot lasts 75 minutes – this is time that is dedicated to you including wardrobe changes, posing, and position changes. Our shoots are booked back to back so don't be late!

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?

We know sometimes life gets in the way and try to be accommodating. However, we have a strict 14 day cancel policy. If you have to cancel or reschedule when your shoot is less than 14 days out, you may incur rescheduling fees and lose your deposit. 

We're obsessed with one piece, lace bodysuits with plunging necklines. They flatter all body types.


Bringing in a uniform or work shirt can be a sexy way to show your significant other you care.


Long pearls are always a fun accessory to bring along. They look great with nearly everything . . . or nothing :).


Even a favorite tee can be sexy in the hands of our amazing photographers.




How to style your shoot


While most poses are gentle (and we have modifications available for injuries), you will use muscles that you normally don't. This can cause some soreness. Be sure to hydrate well and stretch your back before your shoot so it's loose and ready to pose.

Self tanner, even when applied professionally will stain the bottoms of your feet and leave streaks in your armpits and hands. Even slightly sunburned skin is difficult to fix in post so be sure and rock the sunscreen and skip the tanning bed.

Anything that can stain your lips and teeth is a bad idea within 48 hours of your photoshoot.

Don't get us wrong, we love lingerie. If you're feeling yourself and want to splurge, please do! However, there are a million simple outfits that you (or your significant other) probably have hanging in your closet(s) that can be just as sexy and fun for a little variety. 


make the most of your shoot

dos and don'ts

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