Welcome Ambassador


Hey Ambassador!

You’ve been selected by our team of managers as one of our Self Love Ambassadors!

I am so excited to welcome you to the team! You are just what we are looking for!

Hopefully you use this shoot as an excuse to step away from the stress of everyday life for a few hours, thoroughly pamper yourself, and really celebrate how far you’ve come. It’s amazing how a boudoir shoot can help you see yourself in a different light and skyrocket your confidence. I can’t wait for you to experience that transformation!

Here is the link to book your session. To ward off no shows, we do require a $100 refundable retainer to save your appointment day and time. When you view your images about a week after your shoot it can be refunded or applied towards a purchase.


  • WAIVED SESSION FEE: We normally charge $200 for this incredible experience. As an ambassador, you just have to put down a retainer that can be applied towards a purchase of the photos you’re sure to love. When nerves kick in it’s easy to walk away from a session if you don’t have skin in the game.
  • A DECKED OUT SHOOT LOCATION: Our locations are high end and fabulous. You’ll ooh and aaahh as you walk in and immediately want to move in and stay forever. Sure you’ll miss your family and pets, but the crisp linens and sparkling bathroom fixtures will help you forget your sadness.
  • UP TO 4 FABULOUS OUTFIT CHANGES: Multiple personalities? Want to rock your partner’s favorite band tee, but also your own? Don’t worry! We got you covered with time and space for all your creative ideas. Whether you do 2 looks or 4, you’re going to love the way your photos turn out.
  • 75 MINUTES OF THE MOST FUN YOU’LL HAVE IN YOUR LIFE: Seriously, our sessions are a blast. You’ll arrive more nervous than you’ve ever been – because let’s be honest, walking into a new location to get naked in front of someone you’ve never met isn’t exactly a comfortable situation – but you’ll leave with an incredible high, feeling yourself like the goddess you are. As soon as you meet your photographer, you’ll relax as she guides you through your session and poses you down to your fingers and toes.


Speaking of photographer…

  • ROCKSTAR WOMAN PHOTOGRAPHER: Our all-woman team of photographers have more experience than almost any other photographer in the industry. They’ve shot more women, more body types, more fetish items, and received more extensive (and ongoing) training and feedback than anyone else. The average boudoir photographer shoots a handful of women a month. Our photographers shoot triple that in a weekend.
  • PROFESSIONAL ALL-WOMEN EDITING TEAM: We have a editing team made up of all women that focuses solely on making your images look their very best. With 2 complimentary styles of editing to choose from – one with retouching and skin smoothing and one without – you’re sure to end up with finished photos that fit your personal aesthetic.
  • PREP GUIDES GALORE: Nervous? Not sure how to go about choosing outfits or planning a full on shoot? We’ve got you covered! We’ll send you guides on slaying your shoot and quizzes that will help you determine the best lingerie styles for you.
  • 85+ FULLY EDITED IMAGES TO CHOOSE FROM: You and your photographer will make magic together and when you view your images, you’re going to feel unstoppable. The shoot itself is a high, but the images will put you over the top. No matter how self-critical you are, you’re going to find a few (or fifty) to love.
  • SHARE THE LOVE: You’ll get the exclusive opportunity to encourage and uplift your friends who may be struggling. In return, you can earn amazing prizes.


This is a boudoir session on a sugar rush. You’ve never seen anything like this before. We spend more time shooting, offer more outfit changes, and give you more finished images to choose from than most other photographers in the industry.


Will I get to see the photos from my shoot?

Yes! We’ll send the best 85 or so to an editor who will make them look stunning. She’ll change some to black and white, and they’ll be ready to view in about 6 days. You’ll view completely finished images! You’ll receive instructions on how to set your reveal session up via email the night before your shoot. We recommend viewing them as soon as possible!


How long do I have to schedule my session?

Please schedule as soon as possible. In order to ensure the spot is filled, we will have to move on to the next chosen applicant if you have not scheduled your appointment after 2 weeks.


What if I want to purchase some of the photos?

That is entirely up to you. You are not obligated to purchase any photos from your shoot. However, if you decide you’d like to purchase one, some, or all, that is totally up to you! We’ve included 2 images of your choosing as a THANK YOU for working with us! A full price list can be found here: https://allthingsboudoir.com/pricing-and-products.


What prizes can I earn as an Ambassador?

As an Ambassador you get the chance to share the magic of boudoir with your female friends and family. After your shoot you will be given a special link you can share that will allow you to earn super exclusive and fabulous additional prizes – most of which you can’t get anywhere else. The more friends you refer, the more amazing the prizes!

Are you so stoked??


After you choose your time, there will be a short questionnaire to let us know even more about you! Before your shoot you’ll receive a welcome email with tips for your photo shoot and 2 weeks before your shoot you’ll receive a text and email with your exact location information!

Don’t forget to join our woman only VIP Facebook group so you can get ideas and advice for your shoot!

We are going to have SO MUCH FUN together! Chat soon and thank you for applying!!!

All my best,

Tiffany V.

Self Love Outreach Coordinator