In order to maintain the safest possible shooting environment All Things Boudoir will be practicing the processes below to ensure you and your photographer are safe while creating beautiful photos together. Please help out by reading the following requests. We believe we can have a fun and amazing shoot with you while being cautious and keeping everyone safe.

Due to the 2019-2020 outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), All Things Boudoir is taking extra precautions with the care of every client to. For more guidance and on how to protect yourself and related risks, please visit:

1. Social Distancing

We will be following social distancing procedures during your shoot. That means we will not be shaking hands or hugging although we would like to. Please open this copyright release link: when you arrive and sign it with your photographer. If you wish to leave a tip, please do not leave it in cash. Our photographers will be ready to accept online payments.

2. Mask Up

At the beginning of the shoot your photographer will be going over your outfits and outlining the processes around the shoot. During this time we ask you to please wear a face covering while you discuss your outfits in close quarters.

3. Come Alone

In an effort to minimize exposure we ask you to come alone to your shoot. No friends are allowed at this time. If you feel uncomfortable, you may bring a friend – male or female – to meet the photographer, view the space, help you carry in your outfits, and then they may wait in the car or a nearby coffee shop while you and the photographer shoot.

4. Extra Cleaning Procedures

Photo shoots will be ending 10 minutes early so your photographer can thoroughly clean the shooting spaces. Additional linens will be requested from the rental company ahead of time so we can change them regularly. All high-touch spots will be cleaned and sanitized, and your photographer will be wearing masks and gloves during your shoot. Your photographer will have cleaning supplies, but we ask that you wash your hands when you arrive and when you leave and you bring your own hand sanitizer with you to the shoot.

5. Reschedule If You Are Exposed Or Feel Ill

If you have any of the following symptoms please let us know with as much notice as possible to reschedule your shoot to a future date.

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If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to call or email us. We answer more frequently asked questions on our website:

COVID-19 Boudoir Shoot Safety Precautions

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