Design Your Birthday Photoshoot with All Things Boudoir

Woman holding number 30 balloons dressed in pink lingerie posing for a birthday photoshoot.

Birthdays are more than just candles on a cake; they’re a celebration of life, love, and the incredible journey we’ve embarked on in this lifetime! What better way to commemorate these milestones than with a stunning boudoir photoshoot?

Why Choose a Boudoir Photography Session for Your Birthday?

My answer to you is WHY NOT?

Your birthday is a time to pamper yourself, celebrate how far you’ve come, and remember who TF you are! A birthday photoshoot with us is the perfect way to celebrate yourself this year. Whether you’re marking a milestone year or simply want to treat yourself, our boudoir birthday sessions will be collaborative and unique to your creative vision!


Woman posing for boudoir photography shoot in white lace bra holding a cake with strawberries on top.

Let them eat cake


Have your Samantha moment 

Imagine looking back on your 80th birthday and reliving the magic of your boudoir photography session through a collection of spicy photographs in your Velvet Embossed Personalized Album. You and your photographer will take photos that will become art and last for years to come as a way to look back and celebrate yourself time and time again. And then you can brag to all of your friends about how hot you looked during your birthday boudoir photoshoot!


Woman laying across a white linen bed in a pink tulle skirt holding a strawberry cake and posing for boudoir photography.

It’s giving sugar mama


It’s YOUR day babe

At All Things Boudoir, we understand that every woman is her own unique human. We want to celebrate the things that make you, YOU! That’s why our boudoir photography sessions are tailored to your personality and preferences. Remember this is a collaborative experience with your photographer. We want every aspect of your birthday photoshoot to be crafted to reflect your style and make you feel truly special when you leave.

**ps. If you want to bring in birthday props be sure to let us know through your booking process 😉


Woman laying across the bed in a white gown posing for boudoir photography and laughing.



When you blow out the candles and make a wish on your birthday, consider the gift of a boudoir photography session..whether for yourself or a birthday gift for a friend! It is definitely a gift that keeps on giving. 

Embrace your  journey, celebrate your milestones, and capture the beauty of the moment with a birthday photoshoot. Because birthdays are not just a number; they’re a celebration of you.

Cheers to another year of queen sh*t!!

Stay sexy my friends




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